Monday, November 23, 2015


Hello All,

So yeah, this week was just a little bit off. It was kind of crazy working last Monday, and then having our Pday on Tuesday. It kind of threw us off for the whole week!!! 

But it is whatever! 

So for this week there was not a whole lot that went on. It was kind of a difficult week because we ended up having to drop all of our investigators because they were not progressing like a talked about the last week! So this week we just kind of walked around a little lost. It was hard, but at the same time we got to work with quite a few less active members. 

I have noticed over the last little while, and have talked with my comp several times about the different strengths that missionaries have, and this last week noticed what mine is. For whatever reason I don't know the answer why, but I love working with the less active members, and have for my whole mission had a lot of success working with them. I just love working with them. Helping them re-learn, and re-feel the feeling that they had when they decided to be baptized!!! It is really cool to see them after they have not been to church in a while, and then to see the change in them when they realize what they have been missing in their lives!!! 

Today we also went to Teotihuacan. It was really awesome!!! Those are the pyramids that are there in Mexico City!!! It was a really cool thing, and I got to go with Elder Johnson, and some other elders. It was super fun!!!!

Love you all, And have a great week!!!
Elder Mason Millar

My pictures won't load. I will send them next week!!!!

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