Thursday, December 3, 2015


Hey all!!!

So this last week was pretty good!!! 

Once again not a whole lot happened! 

So the major events for this week. Were that we got to go the visitors center, we had some awesome lessons with some less actives, I at a real style American Hamburger, and my pet spider named Barney Stinson died:(

So this week we got the chance to go to the visitors center with our english class. It was really fun. To be honest none of them really have interest in the church, but it was nice to go out there again. While we were there I had the chance, and moment of embarasment trying to translate for them what was happening. It was a lot more difficult that I thought. I really have forgotten how to speak English. It just doesn't really work anymore!!!  

So this week was thanks giving. But it doesn't really exist down here. They always ask why we have it, and what we do. It is honestly kind of a bummer. I always love how much people always focus on what they are thankful for right before we start into the Christmas season. Here the Day of the Dead happens, and then it is right into Christmas. It is kind of a quick jump, and it is just super super commercialized. It is really dumb! 

So this week my pet spider died:( His name was Barney, and he was an Orb Weaver spider. He was not venomous. I checked. But after they lay their eggs it said that they die. So he died. That was a sad night to get home and see him dead. I am thinking I will look for one that is a little more exciting though. Like a jumping spider of something. That should be fun!!!!

So That is all that really happened this week. We have been struggling to find news, but have several for this week lined up to find, so that should be good!!!

Love you all, and have a great week!!!


Elder Mason Millar


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