Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hey all!!!

So this week can be wrapped up with that first sentence. 

"A week of not a whole lot, Wrapped up with an AWESOME day!!!"

So this week was pretty uneventful. Starting on Tuesday I started to get a little sick, and couldn't figure out why. I didn't have a fever, or any signs of sickness, other than the fact that my stomach hurt. It was a kind of churning pain just below my stomach. I thought about it a little more, and thought. "I am in Mexico. I probably have parasites!" So... I took some pills for it, and have felt for the most part better ever since! I love Mexico!

So other than that, this week I finished another book called The Peace giver. Wow, was that an incredible book!!! 

So the other events for the week. 

Saturday... We had an investigator get married, so that she can get baptized, and then after the we went to a full blown Mexican fiesta! We were the waiters, and it was very fun!!! At this party they cooked over 200lbs of chicken. Who does that? And the cake that they had, was probably the most amazing wedding cake that I have ever eaten. It was a chocolate cake with a caramel flan in the top layer. It was delicious!!!!

So today... The day that made this entire week!!!! So we went to central with four other elders just to party the day away. It was super super fun!!! 500 Pesos, a box of Krispy Kreme dougnuts, Carls Jr. and two pairs of Ray Bans sun glasses. It was a pretty good day. 

Oh yeah, And last night I made M&M cookies that were delicious!!!! I will send pictures! 

So that is about all that happened this week. I love you all so very much, and hope that you have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Mason Millar


Hello all,

So this week was a pretty good week. We had lots of lessons, and were able to take a lot of members out with us to teach. It is really cool to teach with members, because the connection that they are able to have with the investigators, and new members is completely different than with the missionaries. I can honestly say that working with the members this week has greatly strengthened my testimony on the importance of Member Missionary Work. 

Do you all know what that means? (For those of you who are members)

You need to find ways to help the missionaries. That means giving them references, going on visits with them, and finding little ways to be an example, of teach someone you meet, or know!!!!
I can promise all of you that by doing this, you will be able to see a difference in your life, and the lives of the people around you!!! If you don't believe me, TRY IT!

So for a funny story this week!!!

So me and my comp were out on Wednesday, and we were in front of this less active families house throwing rocks at the window to see if they were home so that we could have a lesson with them. Well, while we were out front of their house this super super drunk guy came walking down the street singing. This was just funny in itself. But then he stopped and started talking to us. And he asked if I knew this song. So he started singing some random song that I have never heard in my life, and after about 30 seconds he stopped and asked me if I know who sings it. I told him no, and then he started to sing it again. Then at about the same place he stopped and asked me again if I knew who sang it. I told him no, and then he said that he didn't believe me, and started singing it again. 
This went of for a little longer than 5 minutes, and it was really really funny!!!!

So I am sorry all for the short letter this week, but I don't feel like I have much to say because I just talked to my family yesterday. 

I love you all, and Hope you are all safe!!!

Mason Millar

05-11-2015 UPDATE on Mission Address

This is how all letters should be sent to me now. 
They are having trouble with the mexico mail, and this is supposed to fix it.

Sorry for the mix up!

La Iglesia de Jesucrito de los
Santo de los Ultimos Dias
Mision Mexico Cuidad de Mexico

Elder Mason Millar

Av. Del Taller #540
Col. Jardin Balbuena
Delg. Venustiano Carranza
C.P. 15900 Distrito Federal,

05-08-2015 Mother's Day Talk (in Spanish)

If you would like to post it for those that can read Spanish, here is the talk I will be giving in the branch on Sunday!

Ser una Madre en Sión

·         Introducción de mi tópico
·         Definición de
o   Mujer con respecto a sus Hijos.
·         Definición de Madre en la iglesia –
o   El título sagrado de la mujer que da a luz o adopta hijos. Las madres ayudan a llevar a cabo el plan de Dios al proporcionar cuerpos mortales para los hijos espirituales de Dios.
·         ¿Qué significa a ser una madre en la iglesia, y que son las cosas que tienen que hacer?
o   Ser siervas sagradas de Dios para dar vida físico a sus hijos espirituales y poblar la tierra.  (Alma 4: 28)
o   Ser Maestras y enseñar a sus hijos los principios del Evangelio de Jesucristo.
(Alma 56:47) – Enséñales para que no cayán en circunstancia difíciles    
o   Cuidar sus hijos para que ellos pueden tener todas las cosas que necesitan.      (Juan 19:25) – Estar con sus hijos cuando ellos le necesitan más.
o   ¡Darles Amor!
"3: Las madres en función de maestras," Parte D: La enseñanza en el hogar—La enseñanza dentro del vínculo familiar
“Madres, ustedes son las mejores maestras de sus hijos…
Enséñenles el Evangelio en su propio hogar, junto a ustedes. Ésta es la enseñanza más eficaz que recibirán. Ésta es la manera de enseñar del Señor. La Iglesia no puede enseñarles como ustedes. La escuela no puede hacerlo. Las guarderías infantiles no pueden hacerlo. Pero ustedes sí, y el Señor las apoyará. Sus hijos recordarán para siempre lo que ustedes les enseñen, y cuando lleguen a mayores no se apartarán de ello. Y les llamarán bienaventuradas, sus verdaderas madres angelicales” (véase A las madres en Sión [folleto, 1987]).
Como madre, usted puede enseñar de muchas maneras. Algunas veces podría planear oportunidades para enseñar, pero muchas de estas oportunidades suelen suceder espontáneamente en el transcurso ordinario de la vida (véase “Momentos oportunos para enseñar en la vida familiar”, págs.158–160). Algunas veces usted enseña por medio del ejemplo y otras mediante el precepto. A veces enseña estableciendo modelos de vida basados en el Evangelio y en otras ocasiones sólo necesita prestarles atención y demostrarles su amor por ellos. El presidente Benson ofreció 10 sugerencias que pueden ayudarle a enseñar a sus hijos. Cada una de ellas destaca el dedicarles tiempo:
“Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para ayudar siempre a sus hijos… ya sea que tengan seis o dieciséis años de edad…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para cultivar con ellos una amistad…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para leerles algo a sus hijos…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para orar con sus hijos…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para realizar una significativa noche de hogar todas las semanas… Hagan de ello una de sus grandes tradiciones familiares…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para estar juntos a la hora de comer tan frecuentemente como sea posible…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para leer las Escrituras en familia…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para tener actividades como familia…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para enseñar a sus hijos. Aprovechen toda oportunidad para ello…
“…Dediquen el tiempo que sea necesario para amar verdaderamente a sus hijos. El amor genuino de una madre es lo que más se asemeja al amor de Cristo” (véase A las madres en Sión).
Las responsabilidades de las madres pueden parecer agobiadoras. Es importante recordar que el Señor no espera que las madres sean perfectas o que observen como ideal normas irrealizables para la economía doméstica. No obstante, Él espera que reconozcan y honren su divina función y que con toda humildad hagan el mejor esfuerzo posible.
·         Mi Testimonio
 En el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

05-04-2015 Is there any way to make the time slow down???

Hello All,

So I will try to do my best to keep all of the people who are not my family updated for this week, because guess what??? I get to call home on Sunday!!!!

So for the events of this week. 

Well, I guess I will talk a little bit about how the whole thing went with changes, and the whole area split. 

So if you don't remember, last week the branch that I am in at the moment got split because the other ward that was lending us members took them back so that they can split their ward. So when we found this out we had no idea what was going to happen the the other two elders that were in the branch, but working in the area that got absorbed into the other ward. So on Tuesday we went to the changes to figure out what all was going to happen.

Well, I now only have half of an area to work in now. It is nice to not have to walk very much, but at the same time it is hard because the branch is so small there are no members to really work with. But, whatever! It is all part of the mission experience right???
So apart from this crazy experience of splitting an area, not a whole lot happened this week. We only had a few lessons, because we didn't know or have or find anyone to teach, and on Saturday night my comp got sick so we were in the house for the second half of the day:P

So yesterday, was one of the best fast Sundays that I have had. The spirit was so so strong!!! Even though the were not even 50 people in the meeting, everyone talked about how we need to work together as a branch to grow, and increase in membership!!!! It was really cool.

So this is the story for this week. I have to go. My comp is like staring me down because he wants to go. 

I love you all so much!!!!

Love Elder Mason Millar