Monday, August 24, 2015


Hello all,

WOW, was this week awesome!!! 

So I am not going to lie. The first few days of the week were really really rough, but it was a weekend to remember. 

So it all started on Thursday night. It was our trip as a ward to the temple open house. So after 3/4 of the day working we went and got on a bus that the ward rented to take us all there. We got there, and there were so many people!!! It was crazy. We started our tour at about 7:15,and got out at almost 10. It took forever. But it was so wonderful to be in the temple again!!! 

Then on Friday we did divisions, (splits for those white people.) I was in my area with the District Leader, and we started the day with nothing. We didn't have some lesson that was a scheduled lesson, but in the end all went well! We did some contacting, and had some lessons that we planned for the next day, and that was really good!

So then on Saturday we passed for the people we found, and actually we found four news. They are two sets of sisters. Two of them are like 60 something, and the others are 13 and 19. They are all very chosen, and very accepting to the gospel!!! It is awesome!!! 

Saturday night we also had a FHE, with the Familia Olvera, They are pretty much like my family here in Mexico. But we went over and talked about the temple with their cousins because they went to the open house, but are not members, and had a bunch of questions! After I was in charge of making the treat. So what did I make??? MILKSHAKES of course! They had never had them, and they were a big hit! It was awesome! 

Sunday was also a very special day. We had 6 investigators in the church, and then had a really awesome night!!! 

So down here all of the little kids started school today, so yesterday my comp and I took the time, and felt that we should teach this brother to give a Father's Blessing. It is something that both of our Dad's have always done, and something really special for us. So we taught him. He has two little step daughters, and had never given a blessing other than to confirm one of them after she was baptized. So we taught him, and then he gave them their blessings. 

After he was done with the blessings, he just looked at us, and said, "The feeling I have right now is one of the greatest things I have ever felt in my life!" It was so cool to see that, and honestly made me miss the ones I got every year before school, and the night before I left on my mission after I got Set Apart. It was just such a wonderful spirit, and I cant wait to be able to give them to my children!!!

I love you all, and hope you all have a wonderful week!!! 

Con Mucho Amor, 
Elder Mason Millar

Monday, August 17, 2015



So this last week was a pretty good week!!! 

We had a good number of lessons, and were working all week to make sure that Cristian was prepared for his baptism. 

That is most of what happened for the week!!! 

So a little about Cristian. He is 13 years old, and he is the youngest of 2 kids. His parents are separated, and he lives with his mom. We met him the Sunday after we got into this area because he came to church with his Aunt, and had been doing so for 4 weeks. We started teaching him, and because he had been going to church he was able to be baptized really quickly. He really wanted to be baptized, but hadn't had any of the lessons. So we had to pack what are normally 5 or 6 weeks of lessons into 2 and a half weeks! It was a little difficult, but totally worth it!!! He is such a cool kid, and is already such good friends with all the youth at church!!!! 

So on Saturday we had a very busy day!!! 
So we started out early Saturday morning with cutting the grass at the church. The church changed regulations a few years ago, and the members are in charge of the gardening. So on Saturday I went over to help because no one knows how to run what they call the "Mosquito" It is a brush cutting weed wacker. The one with the two handles. So I went over, and taught my comp to use it, and then we cut all the grass!!! It was a pretty epic time!!!!

So after the lawn stuff we ate lunch, and then had to go and fill up the font for the baptism. We then started the baptism like 45 minutes late, because we are in Mexico, and no one is ever on time other than when two white elders are together. It is kind of funny how punctually late everyone is!!! But we had a very very good program for the baptism. Cristian's mom and dad came, and his grandmother who is not a member. The Spirit was so strong, and he was so happy!!!

So that was the absolutely wonderful experience that we had this weekend. And I am looking forward to when Elder Christofferson comes down to talk to us!!! I will be great! 

I love you all, and hope you have  great week!!!!

Con Much Amor,
Elder Mason Millar


Real man's tools!!!
 Yup, We made milkshakes!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

08-10-2015 An Adventure I will never forget! (Don't trust Google Maps!!!!)

Hello all,

So this week, I am not going to lie was a very, very normal week. 

So finally on Tuesday the other Elders got their house stuff done, and were able to move out. It was a very, very full and busy weekend last weekend, and for those of you who know me I am kind of a neat freak. (Yes mom, I know my room was never clean, but I was never in there!) So honestly after five days of mouse tracks to get around the house I started to get pretty stressed, and threatened to throw their stuff into the street if they did not get moved out. Yeah it wasn't really going to happen, but it did honestly cross my mind!!!!

So the lesson that I learned this week is the importance of references. They are practically the Lord leading you to chosen people!!! So as we are preparing for the temple open house that actually started today we will be receiving tons of references, or so we have been told, so we were asked to go and make sure all of the old ones online were up to date. So we looked, and had 4 from about a year ago that had never been visited. So we got them, and then started to go and look for them. 

So finally on Friday night we were able to find one. His name is Ruben, and he was contacted by the missionaries about a year ago. He is really excited to start the lessons, and learn more!!! It was really a cool experience to see how the Lord is working in people to start them on the path to change their lives!!!!

So for the "Wow we are idiots" Moment that we had today. 

So I had a package show up from Mom, and I had to be the one who signed for it. So I had to go to the UPS store and pick it up. So in the morning we went to the offices, and got the slip for it, and then we looked up the address and Google Maps to find how to get there. Well our problem with this is that we put the wrong starting position into the computer, and got a little confused as to which was the starting position,and what one was the destination. So a trip that should have taken about 25 minutes turned into a tour of the central of Mexico City!!! We went by the Castle of Chapultapec, the Angel of Independence, the Fountain of something, and then got to the UPS store, and they told us it was like 5 minutes from where we had started! Yup, We spend 4 almost 5 hours looking for this stupid store, and walked like 4 miles!. It was really stupid!!! I felt really really dumb, and so did my comp. But Whatever. I got my package, and all is well now!!!!

So today we also found out that Elder D.Todd Christofferson will be coming down to talk to all the missionaries in our mission in two weeks. I am so excited, and it should be really, really cool. I will tell you all about it after he comes!!!! 

So that is about all for this week. 

I love you all, and you all are in my prayers!!!

Elder Mason Millar

So that is a non alcoholic drink that tasted like garbage because it is made with hot sauce and chilli. 

Those are little  crickets, and were actually really really good.

And that is Elder Hernandez. He was in my area, and is super, super chill!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

08-03-2015 A Charity Challenge

Hello all,

So this last week was pretty good one. It was pretty busy which made it good, but we also had some really cool lessons. 

So this week we were able to find this family. They are a family of 6, but so far we have only taught 4 of them. They are from the states, so all of their kids speak English, and they are really chill. So we actually met them because they contacted my comp and I one day when we were walking past their house. So we took out a cita, and then went back the next week for our cita. It didn't exactly go as planned because they were painting, so we ran home, and changed. Of course I am going to give service. I never get to do it down here. So we went and painted for about an hour and then helped them move some furniture into their house on the third floor. That was an adventure!!! 

So also this week we had a little bit of a crazy weekend. So the other elders were having problems in their house with their landlord, and animals, and have been looking for a new one. So they found one, but they can't move in until tomorrow. And their landlord was a jerk and told them if they were at their old house on the first of the month that they would have to pay rent. So yes, I know it was not exactly following mission rules, but "The ox was in the mire" so at 8:30PM we got a call that they had to move out, so we went and helped. So by about 10:30 or so we were finally packing all of their things, and had gotten them moved over to our house for the weekend. And man is our house packed. We don't live in a very big house. We have a room so small we have to have bunk beds, and it is too small for us to put a couch in because there is no room with our desks. It is kind of a bummer. But yeah, we have packed two houses into one. And have been like that for the whole weekend. 

So last night was pretty awesome!!! 

So after church we went and taught some lessons, and we finished the night with a NDH or Family Home Evening for those of you who don't speak Spanish! And my comp decided to talk on Charity. It was such a wonderful lesson, and the Spirit was so strong. We just got to talk about a subject that means so so much to me, and that I miss so so much. So charity can be describes as "the true love of Christ." I know I am on the mission, and am serving every day, but I can honestly say that I miss the service that I used to be able to do at home. Here as a missionary everyone notices the service you do, and it is expected that you do it, but back at home, you can do it in secret to just make someone's day a little brighter. 

SO.... Here comes the challenge for all of you!!!! 

For this week I want every single person that reads this letter to do AT LEAST ONE act of kindness or service for someone every day of the week, and then at the end of the week look back, and see the difference that it has made not only in the lives of those you helped, but also in your own lives!!! 

I love you all so much, and will send photos next week!!!

Les Quiero,
Elder Mason Millar