Monday, August 24, 2015


Hello all,

WOW, was this week awesome!!! 

So I am not going to lie. The first few days of the week were really really rough, but it was a weekend to remember. 

So it all started on Thursday night. It was our trip as a ward to the temple open house. So after 3/4 of the day working we went and got on a bus that the ward rented to take us all there. We got there, and there were so many people!!! It was crazy. We started our tour at about 7:15,and got out at almost 10. It took forever. But it was so wonderful to be in the temple again!!! 

Then on Friday we did divisions, (splits for those white people.) I was in my area with the District Leader, and we started the day with nothing. We didn't have some lesson that was a scheduled lesson, but in the end all went well! We did some contacting, and had some lessons that we planned for the next day, and that was really good!

So then on Saturday we passed for the people we found, and actually we found four news. They are two sets of sisters. Two of them are like 60 something, and the others are 13 and 19. They are all very chosen, and very accepting to the gospel!!! It is awesome!!! 

Saturday night we also had a FHE, with the Familia Olvera, They are pretty much like my family here in Mexico. But we went over and talked about the temple with their cousins because they went to the open house, but are not members, and had a bunch of questions! After I was in charge of making the treat. So what did I make??? MILKSHAKES of course! They had never had them, and they were a big hit! It was awesome! 

Sunday was also a very special day. We had 6 investigators in the church, and then had a really awesome night!!! 

So down here all of the little kids started school today, so yesterday my comp and I took the time, and felt that we should teach this brother to give a Father's Blessing. It is something that both of our Dad's have always done, and something really special for us. So we taught him. He has two little step daughters, and had never given a blessing other than to confirm one of them after she was baptized. So we taught him, and then he gave them their blessings. 

After he was done with the blessings, he just looked at us, and said, "The feeling I have right now is one of the greatest things I have ever felt in my life!" It was so cool to see that, and honestly made me miss the ones I got every year before school, and the night before I left on my mission after I got Set Apart. It was just such a wonderful spirit, and I cant wait to be able to give them to my children!!!

I love you all, and hope you all have a wonderful week!!! 

Con Mucho Amor, 
Elder Mason Millar

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