Tuesday, August 11, 2015

08-10-2015 An Adventure I will never forget! (Don't trust Google Maps!!!!)

Hello all,

So this week, I am not going to lie was a very, very normal week. 

So finally on Tuesday the other Elders got their house stuff done, and were able to move out. It was a very, very full and busy weekend last weekend, and for those of you who know me I am kind of a neat freak. (Yes mom, I know my room was never clean, but I was never in there!) So honestly after five days of mouse tracks to get around the house I started to get pretty stressed, and threatened to throw their stuff into the street if they did not get moved out. Yeah it wasn't really going to happen, but it did honestly cross my mind!!!!

So the lesson that I learned this week is the importance of references. They are practically the Lord leading you to chosen people!!! So as we are preparing for the temple open house that actually started today we will be receiving tons of references, or so we have been told, so we were asked to go and make sure all of the old ones online were up to date. So we looked, and had 4 from about a year ago that had never been visited. So we got them, and then started to go and look for them. 

So finally on Friday night we were able to find one. His name is Ruben, and he was contacted by the missionaries about a year ago. He is really excited to start the lessons, and learn more!!! It was really a cool experience to see how the Lord is working in people to start them on the path to change their lives!!!!

So for the "Wow we are idiots" Moment that we had today. 

So I had a package show up from Mom, and I had to be the one who signed for it. So I had to go to the UPS store and pick it up. So in the morning we went to the offices, and got the slip for it, and then we looked up the address and Google Maps to find how to get there. Well our problem with this is that we put the wrong starting position into the computer, and got a little confused as to which was the starting position,and what one was the destination. So a trip that should have taken about 25 minutes turned into a tour of the central of Mexico City!!! We went by the Castle of Chapultapec, the Angel of Independence, the Fountain of something, and then got to the UPS store, and they told us it was like 5 minutes from where we had started! Yup, We spend 4 almost 5 hours looking for this stupid store, and walked like 4 miles!. It was really stupid!!! I felt really really dumb, and so did my comp. But Whatever. I got my package, and all is well now!!!!

So today we also found out that Elder D.Todd Christofferson will be coming down to talk to all the missionaries in our mission in two weeks. I am so excited, and it should be really, really cool. I will tell you all about it after he comes!!!! 

So that is about all for this week. 

I love you all, and you all are in my prayers!!!

Elder Mason Millar

So that is a non alcoholic drink that tasted like garbage because it is made with hot sauce and chilli. 

Those are little  crickets, and were actually really really good.

And that is Elder Hernandez. He was in my area, and is super, super chill!!!

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