Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Well hey everyone!!! Sorry for the late letter!
So this week was a pretty crazy week. It was really quiet, but at the same time it was an awesome week!!!
So just to start out. In the last 10 days, we have found 21 new people to teach. So just so you can have a point of reference, my comp in the last 4 1/2 months had found a total of like 10. So it has been a pretty great time. We are just really killing it!!!
So at the moment we have one that already had a baptism date. She is a 9 year old little girl named Rachel. She is the daughter of a less active sister that three weeks ago just showed up at church after 18 years of not assisting. She is really awesome, and they are all really really excited to be going to church again!!!
The other new people we still don't know very well. We have only visited them once or twice, but they are all really really cool!!! It is just wonderful to be seeing the fruits of the Lord after so much time of just kind of dull work with no fruits!!!
So other than that all is well!! We have some good lessons that we are planning on for the afternoon, and are hoping to be able to find several more news today!!!
Life is good, The "water" is "dangerous", and people are crazy!!!
(Ten points to the person that can name the song!!!1)
Have a wonderful week.
Elder Mason Millar

I bought Jesus sandals for 300 pesos!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Hey all,

So i am sorry for not writing last week, I just kind of ran out of time, because our preparation day got moved, and it was just a little crazy!!!

So thing last week was a really good week!!! 

So on Thursday we had just an awesome day!!! We found a family of 5 that we started teaching. We contacted the dad the week before, and then went back, and they actually accepted us. It was really cool!!! 

The lesson that we had with them was really awesome!! We taught the restoration, and the spirit was so strong. They had a lot of questions, and were really interested. We have another lesson with them tomorrow. There is not much more about them that we have learned, or that I have to say. We have only taught them once, but I will keep you posted!!! 

So this week was kind of short with the whole weird schedule, and we had Stake conference this week. In the stake conference we, as missionaries sang in the choir. It was fun, but not much preparation was able to be done. We are missionaries, and kind of have crazy schedules!!! 

But for not having much to talk about, I am going to take the time and share my testimony with you all, and just a little bit of the reason that I have truly decided that I am on the mission.

So to start out, I know that My Father in Heaven exists, and not only exists, but had a body of skin and bones. I know that he knows every single one of us individually, and loves us more that we can possibly imagine!!! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Not just mine, not just those who are members of the church, But of every single one of us!!! He has given us the ability and chance to change. He loves us, and gave his life so that we can have ours. I know that God gives us trials, and allows us to fall. It doesn't matter in what you fall into, he knows that it was, or is going to happen. But because he loves us so much has given us the way to make it through anything!!! All though at times it seems that we are too far into a sin, or a way of thinking... YOU ARE NOT!!!! It is never to late to repent, and become clean from the wrongs in which you have done. I have a testimony of the cleansing, and healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He is our only way through this life. He did not suffer to make it easy for us, but he suffered to make it possible for us. The only thing that he ask is a broken heart, and a contrite Spirit. 
I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God!! I have read it, and without a doubt in my mind know that Joseph Smith translated it. I know that Joseph Smith saw God in that Grove in the spring of 1820. I know that we also can receive answers to our prayers. I know that if we ask and pray in faith that we will receive answers. They might not always be what we want to hear, but It is exactly what we need, and WE have to be the ones to change. God only has our best interest in mind, and will never do anything to hurt us!!! I know that God lives, and loves us. 
And this I share with all of you, humbly and with much love.
In the name of Jesus Christ. 

I love you all. I pray for all of you, and know that you do the same for me!!! 

Thank you for all you do, and all your support!! 


Elder Mason Millar

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hey all, 

So this last week was a pretty blan, but good week!!! 

With the whole New Year's thing that went on we didn't have the chance to get much work done. But we were still able to find a family!!! We received a reference from the English class that we teach, and we went and contacted them. They are a family of 8. 5 kids, and the parents, and grandmother. It was really cool!!!

It was nice to be able to find something to be able to leave for my comp. We had a good two cycles, but didn't see any fruits. It was good!!! 

So if you haven't guess already, I have changes. I have been in this area for 6 months now, and Pres is now going to change me. I won't know until tomorrow where I am going, but there are now going to be 9 zones in the mission. That means there are 8 different zones that I could be going to!!!! We will see. I will let you all know!!!

So this week has been kind of difficult. I have been saying goodbye to everyone that I have gotten to know over the last 6 months! It is really killing me!!!! 

It was honestly the hardest to say goodbye to the group that we have been teaching for the last 3 months!!! I have truly grown to love them. They are such incredible people, they just got a little caught up, and needed some help!!! They are incredible!!!

Yesterday I was also able to bear my testimony in church. It was pretty hard. I have made so much family here, and just don't want to have to say goodbye!!! It has just been so hard!!! I know that one day I will be able to see them again though!!!!

So That is about all for this week! I will let you all know next week what happens with changes!!! 

Love you all!!!

Elder Mason Millar

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hey all!!! 

So this week was really only a partial week, but it was a very wonderful week, and time of year!!!!

So this last week was pretty great!!! As you all know we have a group of alcoholics and drug addicts that we teach once a week. So this week being Christmas and all, we prepared a special message for all of them. While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to share I remembered of the story that Dad always shares with our home teaching families around Christmas time. "The Christmas Orange" So I took the time and found it in Spanish, and then printed out 80 copies so that everyone could have one, and then the morning before we went to the Tianguis, and bought 85 Oranges. It was really funny to see all of the weird looks we got for being two white guys in the street with four bags full to the brim with oranges. 

So we got the the group, and sang a Christmas Hymn, and then shared the story. It was really cool, and then we shared a small gift with them. My comp and I sang them Joy to the World in English. We then gave them all an orange. It was really cool. The spirit was so strong, and the love I felt and feel for all of them is so strong!!! It is cool and hard to see them like they come in, but great to see how strong they leave!!! They really do change their lives!!!! 

So that was the big event for the week. I did get to talk to the family, but that was just kind a minor thing. (Not to make you feel bad, but My life is the same, and I really don't have much to talk about!!!) 

So we received the email today that they will be closing one of the areas in my ward. So that pretty much is a for sure that I will be moving out!!! We will know more on Saturday though!!!!

Love you all!!!
Have a great week!!!

Elder Mason Millar