Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Well hey everyone!!! Sorry for the late letter!
So this week was a pretty crazy week. It was really quiet, but at the same time it was an awesome week!!!
So just to start out. In the last 10 days, we have found 21 new people to teach. So just so you can have a point of reference, my comp in the last 4 1/2 months had found a total of like 10. So it has been a pretty great time. We are just really killing it!!!
So at the moment we have one that already had a baptism date. She is a 9 year old little girl named Rachel. She is the daughter of a less active sister that three weeks ago just showed up at church after 18 years of not assisting. She is really awesome, and they are all really really excited to be going to church again!!!
The other new people we still don't know very well. We have only visited them once or twice, but they are all really really cool!!! It is just wonderful to be seeing the fruits of the Lord after so much time of just kind of dull work with no fruits!!!
So other than that all is well!! We have some good lessons that we are planning on for the afternoon, and are hoping to be able to find several more news today!!!
Life is good, The "water" is "dangerous", and people are crazy!!!
(Ten points to the person that can name the song!!!1)
Have a wonderful week.
Elder Mason Millar

I bought Jesus sandals for 300 pesos!!!!

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