Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hey all,

Sorry again for not getting you written yesterday. We had a service project that we did all day with an investigator. It was freaking awesome!!! 

So this last week was a good one, but also pretty normal. We had some really good lessons, and also had a bunch of lessons fall through. It is pretty normal though. People have their own lives, and things don't always go as planned!!! 

So we have now been teaching the people that we have found over the last several weeks!!! One of them is a family of 6. They are really really cool!!! They are still investigators, but just like out of the blue like invite us to do fun things, and to come over to eat. They are progressing really well, and I am hoping that they will get baptized. We are going to try and put a baptismal date with them this next week. 

This is the family that we did the service for yesterday. They have a business of buying old cars, and then tearing them down for scrap. So they invited us yesterday to go and get a little dirty, and help them tear a car apart. It was really fun!!!! SI (yes in spanish) that is what we did all day yesterday. We started at about 11, and finished at like 4. It was really really fun!!!! I will send pictures!!! 

Saturday was also a very fun day. So the other elders had a baptism, but there wasn't any water at the church. (Water is kind of a big part for a baptism) So they called us, and then for the next three hours we were going back and forth to members houses to to get water and then take it to the church to fill up the font. 

Three hours later, we finishes, and then were able to watch the baptism. The Spirit was so strong, This convert that was baptized has such a strong testimony. It was truly a gift to be able to watch her get baptized. She was so happy, and she just was so ready to be baptized. It is honestly so incredibilidad to see the change in people. The Lord has truly given us a gift to be able to change through his Atonement. I know He loves us, and that if we accept Him we can truly find happiness and peace!!!! 

I love you all, and love this work!!!

Have a great week!


Elder Mason Millar

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