Monday, February 22, 2016


Hey all!!!

So I have noticed recently that I can't really speak English anymore!!! I realized that no one is going to be able to understand me when I get home!!! I have a very very heavy Spanish influence on my English. I speak pure Spanglish!!! Every third word is Spanish!!! It is really really bad. It is something that goes both ways as well. I throw Spanish words into my English, and English words into my Spanish!!! 

But, on a completely different note... I got a new comp!!! He is awesome!!! He is from my generation in the mission. (That means we got to the mission field on the same day) He is from Puebla Centro, Puebla. That is like an hour and a half from the mission. It is literally two missions away!!! It is really funny!!!  

So this week we had some really good lessons. We have now been teaching Omar and his family for about a month now, and last night we met with them again!!! (They are kind of hard to get lessons with. They are always running around!!!) But we were there, and asked them if they had any questions. And Omar looked at us, and just out of the blue asked, "What do I have to do to be part of your church?" BAM magic question!!! He is so great, so last night we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then invited him to be baptized!!! He is now starting to prepare himself to be able to be baptized!!! He is such a great guy!!! 

So other than that, it was a normal week!! We walked a lot, went to the gym and got really sore (I have started on my "7 months to super sexy"), and taught about Jesus!!! Just the normal life of a missionary!!! 

Hope you are all well there!!! I love you all.

Love you,
Elder Mason Millar

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