Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hey all!!! 

So this week was really only a partial week, but it was a very wonderful week, and time of year!!!!

So this last week was pretty great!!! As you all know we have a group of alcoholics and drug addicts that we teach once a week. So this week being Christmas and all, we prepared a special message for all of them. While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to share I remembered of the story that Dad always shares with our home teaching families around Christmas time. "The Christmas Orange" So I took the time and found it in Spanish, and then printed out 80 copies so that everyone could have one, and then the morning before we went to the Tianguis, and bought 85 Oranges. It was really funny to see all of the weird looks we got for being two white guys in the street with four bags full to the brim with oranges. 

So we got the the group, and sang a Christmas Hymn, and then shared the story. It was really cool, and then we shared a small gift with them. My comp and I sang them Joy to the World in English. We then gave them all an orange. It was really cool. The spirit was so strong, and the love I felt and feel for all of them is so strong!!! It is cool and hard to see them like they come in, but great to see how strong they leave!!! They really do change their lives!!!! 

So that was the big event for the week. I did get to talk to the family, but that was just kind a minor thing. (Not to make you feel bad, but My life is the same, and I really don't have much to talk about!!!) 

So we received the email today that they will be closing one of the areas in my ward. So that pretty much is a for sure that I will be moving out!!! We will know more on Saturday though!!!!

Love you all!!!
Have a great week!!!

Elder Mason Millar

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