Monday, August 17, 2015



So this last week was a pretty good week!!! 

We had a good number of lessons, and were working all week to make sure that Cristian was prepared for his baptism. 

That is most of what happened for the week!!! 

So a little about Cristian. He is 13 years old, and he is the youngest of 2 kids. His parents are separated, and he lives with his mom. We met him the Sunday after we got into this area because he came to church with his Aunt, and had been doing so for 4 weeks. We started teaching him, and because he had been going to church he was able to be baptized really quickly. He really wanted to be baptized, but hadn't had any of the lessons. So we had to pack what are normally 5 or 6 weeks of lessons into 2 and a half weeks! It was a little difficult, but totally worth it!!! He is such a cool kid, and is already such good friends with all the youth at church!!!! 

So on Saturday we had a very busy day!!! 
So we started out early Saturday morning with cutting the grass at the church. The church changed regulations a few years ago, and the members are in charge of the gardening. So on Saturday I went over to help because no one knows how to run what they call the "Mosquito" It is a brush cutting weed wacker. The one with the two handles. So I went over, and taught my comp to use it, and then we cut all the grass!!! It was a pretty epic time!!!!

So after the lawn stuff we ate lunch, and then had to go and fill up the font for the baptism. We then started the baptism like 45 minutes late, because we are in Mexico, and no one is ever on time other than when two white elders are together. It is kind of funny how punctually late everyone is!!! But we had a very very good program for the baptism. Cristian's mom and dad came, and his grandmother who is not a member. The Spirit was so strong, and he was so happy!!!

So that was the absolutely wonderful experience that we had this weekend. And I am looking forward to when Elder Christofferson comes down to talk to us!!! I will be great! 

I love you all, and hope you have  great week!!!!

Con Much Amor,
Elder Mason Millar


Real man's tools!!!
 Yup, We made milkshakes!!!!

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