Thursday, May 7, 2015

05-04-2015 Is there any way to make the time slow down???

Hello All,

So I will try to do my best to keep all of the people who are not my family updated for this week, because guess what??? I get to call home on Sunday!!!!

So for the events of this week. 

Well, I guess I will talk a little bit about how the whole thing went with changes, and the whole area split. 

So if you don't remember, last week the branch that I am in at the moment got split because the other ward that was lending us members took them back so that they can split their ward. So when we found this out we had no idea what was going to happen the the other two elders that were in the branch, but working in the area that got absorbed into the other ward. So on Tuesday we went to the changes to figure out what all was going to happen.

Well, I now only have half of an area to work in now. It is nice to not have to walk very much, but at the same time it is hard because the branch is so small there are no members to really work with. But, whatever! It is all part of the mission experience right???
So apart from this crazy experience of splitting an area, not a whole lot happened this week. We only had a few lessons, because we didn't know or have or find anyone to teach, and on Saturday night my comp got sick so we were in the house for the second half of the day:P

So yesterday, was one of the best fast Sundays that I have had. The spirit was so so strong!!! Even though the were not even 50 people in the meeting, everyone talked about how we need to work together as a branch to grow, and increase in membership!!!! It was really cool.

So this is the story for this week. I have to go. My comp is like staring me down because he wants to go. 

I love you all so much!!!!

Love Elder Mason Millar

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