Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Buenas Dias, Tardes, o Noches!!!! (Depending on what time you read this Email)

So wow, was this week awesome!!!!  

Starting on Wednesday. So we have this less active family that we have been working with since we got into the area. They were baptized about 2 years ago, and then after their dad died about a year ago they stopped going to the church. And we have been trying to get them to go back. 

We have been focusing a lot on their two oldest children, an 18 year old girl, and 19 year old boy. Their names are Jesus, and Paula. (Paula is the person who has been posting photos of me on Facebook and Instagram) About five weeks ago Paula was telling us that she didn't believe in God, and only got baptized to make her mom happy. We have been working really hard to work with her slowly to help her find that feeling that she had when she was baptized. And finally this last Wednesday we had a breakthrough with her. We were over talking with them, and we had a feeling to show here a YouTube video. We showed her Glorious by David Archuleta, but in Spanish, and after she said that she recognized the song. She asked where it was from, and we said "Meet the Mormons." She then said she wanted to see it, so we set up a time to go with her whole family to the Visitors Center. At the end of the lesson, we also were able to get her to say the prayer. Before when we asked she would stand up and leave the room. She is progressing a lot!!!! 

So Saturday we went to the Visitors Center, but before we left we were at their house, and a friend was there. His name is Brian, and he is 21 and not a member. He found out that we were going, and said that he would really like to go. So... We took him. After we were done in the movie, both Brian the non member, and Paula, the one who said she didn't believe in God said that they want to go on missions. Brian said that he has felt there has been something that he has been needing to do to serve and help people, and that the mission is what he wants to do. It was really cool!!!!  

So this week we also found out that the two sisters that we are teaching are both going to get married so that they can get baptized. We just have to work now on getting Birth Certificates, and ID's. 

So, now for the craziness of yesterday!!!!

So we were in the church, and all of the stake presidency was there, but we didn't know why. Then, the branch president, relief society president, elders quorum president, second counselor in the branch presidency, and ward mission leader. Why, we had no idea! Then we found out that 12 years ago the Ixtla ward gave the branch about 30 members to help it out. Well they are now taking them back. So as of next week, and tomorrow our area will be split, which will be crazy because it is already not super huge, and there are not many people in the area as is. And our branch will drop in about 35-40 people, and only have about 50 in the branch. We will seriously be a branch again!!!!

Small things that I did like a normal human being this week!!!

Drilled a hole in the ceiling of out house to hang my comps hammock.

I am now officially prepared for the rainy season to start in about 3 weeks!!!!

We also have changes this week, but luckily neither me or me comp have changes. This will officially be the first area that I will have two cycles with the same comp in the same area!!!!

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