Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I hit 200 days today!!!!

Holy cow! Where did the time go!!!

So this last week was pretty good. We spent most of the week as a district getting ready for our trip to the temple. The trip to the temple was so wonderful! Between the two companionship's we had just over 30 people that we got to take to the temple. It is always really cool to go to the temple because it makes me feel close to home, and realize that the church really is the same in every part of the world!!!!

We also had our interviews with the President, and they were so wonderful. I always really like talking with the President!!!!

Other than this not much has happened this week!!!

Sorry for the short letter this week. I am a little rushed becasue we have a birthday we have to go and celebrate!

I love you all so so much, and hope to hear from you all next week!!!

Elder Mason Millar

I thought it was funny that they ''wet floor sign was in english!!!! 

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