Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter

Hello All,

So this last week was a little chaotic. Tuesday was a normal day, and we had some really good lessons with a few recent converts, and then a less active family. 

But this is about where the normality of this last week ended. On Wednesday we had to go to the President's house because I had a dentist appt. to get my retainer that I had made because I lost my other one on a taxi. After this we came home, and only had about five hours to work. Then on Thursday we went to the same less active family`s house as on Tuesday because they invited us for breakfast. After we were done here we had to go to the store to stock up for the next day. 

While we were at the store, I found a Red Barron pizza, and figured I would try it to see if it was the same as it is in the states. So I made the decision to spend the 84 pesos to buy it. (We only receive 1500 a month, so 84 is a lot to spend on just one pizza) After we got home we had some awesome lessons with our investigators. 

We got home a little early that night because we got caught out in the pouring rain without any rain gear. So we went home a little early to get dry. While we were there I found a book in a pile of old papers from the other elders. The book is called "Our Search for Happiness" and I had a feeling that I should start it. I read the first two chapters, and then went to bed. 

The next day being Good Friday, or the day that Christ was crucified we were not allowed to work. People in Mexico are so freaking crazy, that they actually crucify someone. Only twice has the person actually died from it, but both times were accidental, so I guess it is ok. But We weren't allowed to work, so I decided that I would read a little in the book I found. And after I started I could not put it down. For those of you who really know me, you know that I absolutely hate reading, and when I¨say I couldn't put this book down, I mean that I ate as fast as I could so that I could get back to my book!!!

It was an absolutely wonderful book, and I challenge, yes CHALLENGE you all to read it. It is not just an invitation, but is a challenge and opportunity to understand a little more of the reason that I am out on this mission in Mexico.  In the beginning chapter it describes that the book is not meant to change the views or beliefs of anyone, but to just give more "understanding" on what we believe as Latter Day Saints, and why we do the things that we do.  

Then came conference. Wow, was that amazing. I was expecting to be watching it in Spanish, but there are a lot of white elders in the zone, and the church has a Smart TV, so we streamed it in English so that the new elders, and all of us could actually understand exactly what they were saying. It was so wonderful!!!

My two favorite talks were by Lindy K. Barton in the Saturday morning session, Larry M. Gibson in the Priesthood session. They both talked about the importance of being a father, and having a family!!! I just loved hearing their talks, and am not in a hurry, but can not wait for the day that I get to become a father and love my kids with all of my heart!!!

So Saturday morning we locked our keys in our house, but this wasn't what made it bad. The bad thing was that our land

lord was out of town, and no one else lives in the building. So we got home on Saturday and tried to get it, but without any luck we ended up having to sleep at a members house. Yup that was fun!!! 

So this is was my eventful week!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and I love you all!!!!

Elder Mason Millar!

And Remember the Challenge!!!

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