Monday, March 30, 2015


So this week was a really really good week.

My comp and I are now getting a little more acquainted with the area, and the members and investigators here. This is actually a really good area. It is just a branch of about 85 people that come each week, but they members work so so hard, and want to help. It is really really cool to be in an area where it is not only the missionaries responsibility to bring people to the gospel.

So this week not a whole lot happened. We did normal work and continued working on learning the area. We met a lot of members and less actives this week, and then also were able find a few of the old investigators that the other elders had, and meet with them to get to know them so we can continue teaching them.

The main thing I want to share this week is a story about something that I was lucky enough to see on Friday night. I learned so so much from what I saw, and I would really really like to share it with all of you. 

So Friday night we had an appointment with a less active family, where the mother is not a member. I met them once before when I went on splits with another elder just before their two daughters got baptized, and was kind of culture shocked a little because of the difference in life that they are living. 

They are a family of 6. The mom and dad, and four kids, Guadalupe, Fernanda, Angel, and Roberto.
They live in a house with two rooms, but one of them is smaller that our front porch. (About 8x6 feet) And the other is about 20x15. They work so so hard to support their family, and every time they pray they ask that the Lord will please make sure that they have food on the table. It is such a humbling experience to visit them, and I have truly fallen in love with the family, and the spirit that they have. 

So now to the story. 

It was Friday night, and it was absolutely freezing because a storm was coming in. And this family was out with their stand making BBQ chicken wings. And we were sitting there with them teaching them a lesson, when a man walked up, and stood next to the tent. He looked homeless, and was wearing a very tattered jacket. He was waiting for the chicken to get finished to that he could purchase a few pieces. 

We then finished up our lesson, and I went  over and talked to him for a few minutes. I found out that he lived in a small shack at the top of the hill, but he was very very worried about the storm because he has a hard time staying warm. I then watched this sister, who is struggling to put food on her own table, give him a box of chicken, and when he went to pay she wouldn't accept the money, and told him that it was free. 

This was such a touching experience, and I am so grateful that I was there and able to see this. I think that every single one of us can learn from this, and put into practice that it is not important to worry about our own worries, but try to do everything that we can to help others, and make their own burdens a little lighter. 

This is the challenge that I have for all of you this week is to forget about yourself, even if it is only for 15 minutes, but help someone, and make their burdens just a little lighter. I can promise by doing this you will see a change in your life, and will be blessed, and feel happier!!!!

I love you all, 

And hope to hear from you all next week!!!

Con Much Amor,
Elder Mason Millar

These pictures are my view out of my window in from of my desk every day. If the air is clear we are able to see the volcano with snow, and it is beautiful!!!!

The other is of the iron that was in the house when we got here.

The dog reminded me of my own.

And the four elders in the ward got invited to the Relief Society party!!!!

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