Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hello All,

So this week was kind of a bummer. There were ups, and downs. But the biggest down was that none of our investigators came to church yesterday, and because of it we had three baptismal dates fall through. But it is ok. Everything happens for a reason, and the only person that knows why is the Lord! 

Other than this not much happened. I was on splits on Wednesday with the zone leader, and learned so much on how I can better the way that I teach. 

So today was a fun day. Ten of the elder in the zone got together to climb the mountain that we live on. It was super fun! It took us about an hour to get to the top, and even after getting to the top we were not out of the smog!! The view from up top was incredible though!! This city is absolutely gigantic!!! It is so big that we could not even see the entire thing! 

On the way down, we went down this shoot of sand and small rocks, and it was like skiing. Yup! I skied in Mexico City!! Who needs snow when you have hot dirt!!! After this we had to wash off though, and it was disgusting the amount of dirt that came off of me when I got in the shower today.

So I am sorry for the short letter this week, but it was a pretty uneventful week! We had a really good zone meeting, and I did receive my birthday card from the family today!!! The Farting dog made me laugh!!!

Tomorrow we get to watch Meet the Mormons, so that should be good! 

I love  you all, and pray every night for you!!!

Les Quiero,
Elder Mason Millar

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