Wednesday, February 25, 2015

02 23 2015

Buenas tardes,

So before anything else, I have to wish a Happy Birthday to the world's best Papa. He has helped to sculpt me into the man that I am today because he introduced me to the wonderful game that I call Golf! He has taught me so much, and I hope that I can become half of the man that he is!!!

Love you Papa!!!!

La verdad esta semana pasado bien rápido!!! 

So the week started out normal. Everything was good normal on Tuesday. We had an absolutely incredible lesson with Enedina. She is the investigator that came to church without having even received a lesson. She has a son Noe, who is really interested in the church. He had a child die as a baby, and has had so many wonderful questions about where she is, and what is going to happen to her. This was the highlight of Tuesday.

Then comes Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I went on splits with Elder Jones, all day Wednesday, and then on Thursday and Friday I was with Elder Zubietta the district leader. These days were so fun!!! I learned so much from both of them, and was able to get to know Elder Zubietta. 

Zubietta is a convert to the church, and has been a member for four years know. He knows more doctrine that just about every other missionary, and is so good at teaching. He was such a joy to be with for the two days that I was with him. There was only one problem with this. I only took clothes for the first day because I was told that I would be going home that night. This was horrible, but somewhat of a humbling experience, because I had to realize that there are a lot of families and people in Mexico that really do only have one pair of clothes. It was so wonderful, and being out and busy with other Elders made the week go by so fast!!!

So then we get to today. I had a very wonderful experience today. I was able to go to the temple and see Brother Kelsey. Brother Kelsey is a neighbor from Murray. I got permission from President to go and get lunch with him because he is painting at the Mexico City Temple. It was so cool to see and talk to him!!! It made the world seem so much smaller, and made home feel not so far away!

Other than this I don't have any really crazy stories for you this week. Everything in Mexico is going on, and life is pretty simple!!!

Love you all,

Les Quiero,
Elder Mason Millar

The picture is the grass that I am growing because I miss grass. That is after just 2 weeks!

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