Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hello Everyone,

So this week was a pretty good one. I had my birthday on Tuesday, and it was better that I imagined it would have been. 

We went and worked like normal, and then I invited all of the elders in the ward over to our house for pan y leche. I didn't hear that anything was going to be happening, so I figured I would make my own birthday fun!!!

We were out working, and had a lot of wonderful lessons, and then went home at about 8:30 to celebrate. I got home and all of the lights were off. I was pretty upset that no one was on time, But I went and opened up the door and turned on the lights, and the other four elders all jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE" I then saw the two cakes that they had bought sitting on the counter. It was so wonderful!!!

The tradition in Mexico after they sing to you they start chanting "que lo muerda" which means take a bite. So I then took a bite expecting my near fate, and had my face slammed into the cake. This was fun, and then we ate the cake. After cake I was informed that there would be nineteen birthday spankings given, but not just normal spankings. I was spanked nineteen times with only my underwear on. Man are elders so aggressive when they freely get to spank you!!!

This week we also had the opportunity to go to the temple again with another investigator. It is always so cool to go and see all that the church has done to help the missionary work down here!!! I also found out that the temple will be opening in October! I can`t wait to be able to go there! It is such a beautiful temple, and the feeling inside is one of my favorite feelings in the whole world!!!!

Other than that there was not much that went on! We had Stake conference this week, and then played basketball and got McDonald's breakfast again!!! McDonald`s breakfast is so wonderful! It tasted exactly the same as in the states, and makes me feel like I am not so far away!!!

I love you all, and Love this work!!!

Les Amo,
Elder Mason Millar

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