Monday, February 2, 2015

02-02-2015 (3 Months in Mexico!)

Hello all,

Wow, so I hit three months in Mexico today! I can honestly say it feels like I have only been here for 2 weeks!

I can say that I am happier than I have been in my mission right now. I absolutely love this area, and love my comp! We work very well together, and struggle together. Like I said neither of us are great at Spanish, so we are both being stretched a lot! 

I have learned more in these last two weeks with this comp that I have in my entire mission when it comes to teaching with the Spirit. I have had to rely so strongly on the Spirit to help me to say what I need to in order for the investigators to be able to feel the Spirit and be in their conversion. 

This week I officially had my first investigator that we found come to church. It is the Familia Carrera. They are an older couple of 74 and 78 years old. They are the parents of someone that was being taught before I got here, and have been pretty receptive. They are kind of difficult to teach, because they are not very educated, and they have a hard time understanding. But the way that I have seen the Spirit open them up, and show to them that they can find joy in the church is just incredible!!!

I would like to invite all of you to work on helping the missionaries back at home with the work! Look for references, and be willing to do anything you can for them!!! And just feed them normal food! Everybody feeds us close to the same thing because they think it is the special meal to eat with the missionaries! Just pizza, or hamburgers, or if you really want to make them happy, spend the few extra dollars, and make steak!! O yeah, and don't think that if they say they don't want more that they don't like your food. Most of the time they are actually full!! A can not say how many times I have left the meal feeling like I was going to honestly explode because they made me eat so much!!  

That is my input of the week on making a missionary happy!!!

So there has not been much else happen this week, but we will be getting a new Elder in the house tomorrow, because Elder Noh is leaving. I Will let you all know how that is next week!!!

Love you all so much!!,

Les Quiero,
Elder Mason Millar

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