Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello all,

Wow has the time ever flown by! I can't believe I have already been gone for four months! So much has happened, but it feels like I have only been out here for like two weeks. But I also feel like I can't remember life before the mission. 

So the news for this week is that I had transfers again. My comp and I had been having problems for almost four weeks, and it was just not working out. On Tuesday I was moved again, now to Ixtlahuacan. It is a very mountainous colony, and is absolutely gorgeous! There is not a lot of green, but the layout and houses are very very pretty. 

Now in my area instead of being an hour walk to get across the area, it is about 15 minutes. It is so so nice, and makes the day not seem as long. Some of the hills in the colony are absolutely insane! I would be skeptical to ride a mountain bike down them! (They aren't actually that bad, but they are way steep.) I have yet to figure out how the cars are able to make it up them without stalling! 

So the story that I have for you this week took place on my first day in the area. We stopped by a less active's house to teach a lesson at about 8 at night. We are invited into his house, and as we are walking in we ask about the nice couches that are sitting outside of his house. Come to find out he got new ones, and was just going to throw them away. We offered to buy them, and then he said that we could just have them. So the next day we go with the two other elders that live with us to get these couches. The house that these couches are at is 1 to 2 kilometers away from our house. ( Remember, the area is very very hilly. ) So we go and get these couches, one is a two seater, and the other is a full three seater couch, and then start to make the hilly walk home! So yeah, we succeeded in getting the couches home, and now the house really feels like a home!!! All we need now is a tv to watch all of our restoration videos on!!! Ha ha jk. We aren't getting a tv. But the looks that we got while we ( Three white guys, and a short Latino ) were walking down the street were absolutely hilarious!!! And that is the story that I have for you this week!

All is well here, and I finally feel like this is where I am going to be for a while. My comp is awesome, and the area is by far my favorite! 

The other day while I was sitting on our couch reading my scriptures, I just had a very very comforting feeling that now this is where I am supposed to be, and that a mission is actually something that is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. It is not only about doing to work of The Lord, but also having experiences to grow, learn, and be humbled! I am hoping that this area will be a home for me for a while, and that I can stop being the new guy in every single area that I am in. 

The Lord does answer prayers, and preform miracles every single day!

I love this work, and love the trials, and wonderful experiences that I am having!

Les amo y extrañarles mucho pero yo estoy donde el señor me me necesita!!!

Con amor,
Elder Mason Millar

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