Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hey all,

Wow does it ever feel like time is flying by. 

So this week was a pretty normal week. We had lots of lessons and walked probably about 40 miles. That is not very abnormal to walk that much in this area, but I figured I would let you all know that my shoes and legs are getting well used!

We had to go to the hospital again this week for my comp. We were walking home from Tubo Azul, and he was trying to do more that his body allows, (he is a wee bit chunky) tried to one hop over a bar that was about 4 feet tall at the metro, and smacked his knee really really good right on the top of it. 

So the next day we called President and he told us that we should go and get an x ray. So we had another trip out to the hospital. That was boring!!!

Other than that nothing has really happened other than the story in the recording. So you guys can go ahead and listen to that. 

All is well here, and the work of the lord continues to press on. 

I love you all, and you are all in my prayers!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Mason Millar

(mp3 recording is attached to Blog Update e-mail and on my FaceBook page)

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