Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hey All!!

Well has this last week every been a week! 

So starting last Saturday I started to get a little bit of a head cold. This was nothing big, just  a stuffy nose, and sore throat. Nothing to big. Everything was going well until Thursday.
On Thursday I woke up just fine and then got some breakfast. About an hour after breakfast my stomach turned though. I felt like crap! Was cramping, and was just miserable. I then un-ate my food in the bathroom and was feeling a little better. I then figured, ´´well lets try some different food and see if that makes my sick.´´ So I ate some different food and then got a blessing. 

After my blessing I went out and worked for about 2 hours. And then got really shaky and called President's Wife to ask what do to because I felt Like I should go to the hospital. She laughed when I told her what had happened that morning, and that I had still gone out to work. She told me to go home and rest and that if I had the symptoms in the morning to go to the doctor. 

So the next morning (Friday) I was feeling sick, so my comp and I got ready and made our way to the temple to get a visit with the doctor over the missionaries. This was pretty cool because the doctor was actually from Holiday, and lives like 15 minutes from my home! But he looked at me and figured I just had a bug and that it would pass in a few days. So we go home, and I am not feeling well so I rest for the rest of the day. 

Then comes Saturday. I was feeling totally fine for most of the day, other than the fact that my comp canceled our lunch appt because the sister lived an hour and a half away and out of mission boundaries. So I asked him to call a hermana to feed us. Well nope. He didn't want to, so we didn't get food until 6 that night. All I ate that day was two bowls of cereal, and a half a loaf of bimbo nut bread. So we go home and I am feeling like crap at the eld of the day and go go sleep. 

Man did Sunday morning hit me in the face! I woke up and could barely move. I was shaking it off more that Taylor Swift!!!! I was cold and did not feel good at all. We called President, and he told us to go to urgent care. So I got another blessing and then went to urgent care. This was an adventure. I was looked at in a consultation room and then taken to a treatment room. (Don't worry, this was an American owned hospital, and was very very nice) I then had an IV put in because I was dehydrated, and then got an Xray and ultrasound done on my stomach to make sure that my appendix was not going to rupture. All was well, and I was released 4 hours later being told that I had gastritis. Intlamation of the intestines and stomach from the food that I have been forced to eat down here in Mexico. 

I am now on like 3 different medications and have to watch what I eat for the next two weeks, but it should all clear up. 

Not much more that happened this week, But I can for sure say that being sick on a mission sucks!!! It gives you way to much time to think about home, and miss a wonderful Mom that takes care of you when you are sick. 

I love and miss you all,
Elder Mason Millar

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