Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Buenos tardes todos,

Well, this last week has been a pretty normal week other than yesterday. 

So some of you have asked what a normal day in the life of Elder Millar consists of, so here you have it.

Alarm goes off at 6:30, and my comp turned it off and gets into the shower. Then if I am feeling it (normally about twice or three times a week) I get up and work out. Then depending if I can call dibs fast enough I can get into the shower second so I don't have to wait for 40 minutes for the water to warm back up. After this we normally make pancakes or crepes or something good to eat because we are awesome! Then we "study" or try to study. It is kind of difficult with four elders in the same house. But we normally have about 5 to 10 minutes of goof off every hour. We then study more, and a little more, and then eat a snack and study more. 

Then at about 11:00-11:30 we start working. This normally consists of a lot of people not being home, so we end up contacting in the morning. Contacting in Mexico sucks!! Every house says the same things... I have my religion and respect yours, or un otro día.  It is quite obnoxious! But occasionally we find someone who doesn't just send us away.  

After this at 2 or 3 we have our lunch appt. In Mexico we don't have dinner appt. because in the culture lunch is their big meal for the day. Lunch normally consists of a soup of vegetables, or noodles, followed by some sort of meat. The food is good about 50% of the time, and is edible about 80% of the time. I haven't run into anything that I just haven't been able to handle, other than this nasty pumpkin crap the other day. But that was given to us to take home, so we just left it on the street hoping that the dogs would eat it. 

After lunch is normally when we have the majority of our lessons. This time of the day is normally pretty hard because they eat so much, and you feel like you are going to explode and want to take a nap! Lessons at this time of the day generally go pretty fast, and it doesn't feel like you are even doing anything.

We then return to the house at 9 because that is when President wants us home. We then plan for the next day, write in my journal,  and generally do stupid activities. We started playing a game called "what are the odds" and so far from this game two elders have no sideburns, and I have a shaved leg. Just the normal stupid things guys do! 

Then at 10:30 we try to go to bed if we aren't talking. We make it to bed on time every 4 out of 5 days, so that is nice. Then we repete the next day!! That is a normal day in the life of Elder Millar. 

So this week was pretty cool. We had a contact that we made on Saturday come to church yesterday. It was crazy though. We were just walking down the street and they asked us to help with visa papers because they were in English, and then all we said that we were missionaries and she asked what time church was and said she would be waiting! So we went by yesterday, and there she was waiting to go to church with us. After church she said she loved it, and was coming back, and wanted the lessons. She is chosen!!!

We also ran into this guy the other day who was quite racist towards the US, and told us for about 5 minutes how bad the US is, and that he hated it!!, it is always funny to run into people down here who have opinions, and want to make you feel bad!

Other than that not much has happened this week. Just a normal week of work. 

I love you all, 

Elder Mason Millar

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