Saturday, November 21, 2015


Hey all!!!

So this last week was pretty wonderful, but a the same time a little bit of a bummer!!!

So we will start with the bad, and then get to the good!!!

To start off we pretty much had to drop all of out investigators, because they stopped progressing!!! It is always such a bummer to do that, but that is part of the mission. We as missionaries aren't able to force anyone to do anything. We are only here to teach and invite. If they don't want to take the step of faith, we just have to let them be for a while, and try again later.

So now for the cool things!!! 

Starting last week. So you all have heard about my convert Cristian. Well, like 4 weeks ago he got the priesthood, and last Tuesday, he got his temple recommend. So that means that we will be going to do baptisms the end of this month!!!! I am so excited!!!

The next cool thing that happened this week was that we had stake conference. Well it was actually really boring, but I played the piano for the choir. So that was fun!!! It was really good, and we got a new stake president!!!

And the last thing that happened was that today we had the chance to go to the temple, and to the Museum of Anthropology!!! That was fun!!! The temple is such a wonderful place!!! I cant wait to go back in like 3 months!!! Take advantage if you have a temple close!!! Use it. make them close if for cleaning because you are going so much!!! There is so much to be learned in the temples!!!

So that is all. Sorry the letter is short, but my brain is fried!!! I have been up since 5:30, and it is almost 9!!! I am tired!!! 

Love you all!!!
Elder Mason Millar

The one with my comps tie on his face is because we got in a super big water fight with some members on Sunday night!!! It was Epic!!! 

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