Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Howdy Y'all!!!

Yup, I am not from Texas!!!

So this week was a pretty normal week. I don't want to be that boring missionary, but I guess I am going to be!!!

Really the only thing that happened this week was that I went to Polanco to sign my visa for the second time because I hit a year in Mexico on Tuesday. Hoot Hoot. One year in Mexico!!! But we went all the way there, and then I go up to do my fingerprints, and what do you know. My papers don't exist!!! Haha. just kidding. They just weren't ready for me to come in yet so I have to go in this next week again!!!

We have also had the opportunity to start teaching in a clinic for drug addicts, and alcoholics. It is owned by a member, and we have so far taught 2 lessons. They are so awesome!!! So there are 80 people in the group, and we have taught about the atonement and plan of salvation. They are really liking it, and there are several of them that are actually reading The Book of Mormon!!! It is so so cool!!! Not that any of them can come to church or even be baptized at the moment, but they have already asked about how to get in contact with the missionaries after they leave!!

Today we went to Central, and walked through the cathedral. It was really cool, and kind of crazy. It is actually leaning several meters to one side because it is slowly sinking. The ground here is kind of like that it Salt Lake. We are in a valley that used to be a lake. The ground is not very sturdy. But it was really cool. I am sorry. I didn't take any pictures, but it was very cool!!! I will take pictures when I go back again!!!

That is about all that I have for this week. 

I will inform all of you that I will not be writing until next Tuesday, because we will be taking out P day then. We are going to be going to the temple, so we have to change out Pday because it is not open on Mondays. 

So that is about all!!! 

Love you all so so much!!!
Elder Mason Millar

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