Friday, October 30, 2015


Hey all, 

So what a wonderful week it was!! I got the opportunity to see several really cool things. 

The first change that we saw was with a less active member who has been on and off with his church attendance for his whole life. We have been visiting with him for about a month now, and just this last week on Saturday night we saw a huge change. We were teaching about in Deuteronomy chapter 7:11-13. I really like these verses because you can use them to talk about any commandment. He reads the scriptures, and prays, but didn't want or feel that he needed to come to church. 

So we were talking about that, and about how if we only follow some of the commandments, we will only see and receive some of the blessing that God has for us. I like to explain it as walking, or looking through a doorway. when we are one step out of the doorway we can only see part of the room, the part that can be seen through the door. But if we put forth our part, and take the first step, then we will be in the doorway, and then are able to see the whole room, (or all the blessings that are waiting for us on the other side), and then can continue to progress forward, and collect, and chase after all of them. It was really cool. He did come to church on Sunday too for the first time in several years!

So the other cool experience that I had actually took place last week, and then continued through to yesterday. So last week I had the chance to give Cristian the Priesthood. He is my convert back from August. He is 13, so he is a Deacon. So he asked me last week if I could do that for him. It was the first time that I had done it, but it was really cool.He got a blessing that he would be an example for his family, and that he should prepare to serve a mission. 

So that is what happened last week, and then yesterday. We got to church, and he was sitting up front waiting to pass the sacrament. And then, while he was passing. he passed it to me. It was a very special experience. Just to be able to see the change that he has made. That was really just a wonderful thing to see!!! 

So as many of you know, there was a hurricane that hit the coast of mexico last weekend. At the beginning of the warnings, we were told that we were going to be getting serious amounts of rain. But at last minute the hurricane turned and hit a mountain range, and died out really quickly. I am not going to lie, I was pretty bummed. I was really looking forward to just a tone of rain, but I guess it is better to be dry, and not have to worry. 

So that was pretty much my week. Pretty normal with a couple of cool experiences. 

Hope you all are well. love you!!! 
Elder Mason Millar

 Yes, those are crickets, and they are really really good!!!  

And that is my desk with my new rose plant on it!!!

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