Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hello all,

So this last week was a wonderful week!!!

So honestly this week was not much of a week for working. We worked a full three days!! Not only due to conference, but also because I had the opportunity to go and get my teeth cleaned!

So on Thursday we got the opportunity spend the second half of our day with the President. It is always so wonderful to be with that man!! He has such a wonderful spirit, and loves this work so much. At times I feel bad for him, because I know how hard of a job he has. Two weeks ago he had to send three elders home for doing some things as the First Presidency described as "a little out of the ordinary". 

I don't know how many of you know, but the mission that I am in before President Stutzneggar got here was on the point of being completely shut down for all of the apostasy and bad things that were happening, But President Stutz has come in and turned it around!! It has taken about 15 months, but he is such a wonderful man, and leans so much on the Lord to do his will!!! 

This weekend was also the General Conference. I hope you all got a chance to watch it. It was absolutely wonderful conference. 

One of my favorite talks was by Russel M. Nelson, when he talked about the importance of strong women. Yeah, I know I am like 4 years away from when I would like to be married, but this talk just made my want to make sure to be the greatest husband in the entire world. There honestly is nothing more important to me than finding an eternal companion who is strong in the gospel, dresses modestly, and lives a life centered in our Heavenly Father. I Know I will not be the perfect husband, but I know that if I can find, and somehow trick an incredible young lady to get married with me, even with all of my dorkiness, and quirks. That we will be able to live a wonderful life because we will both be based in the Lord. 

I know my future wife is out there somewhere, and I pray for her safety and protection from the Lord. I pray that I can be prepared to meet her, and that I can be the man I need to be when the time comes!!! 

I invite all of you, if you didn't get the chance to watch conference to do so. You can find it on LDS.org, or any of the sites of the church. You can and will receive answers to prays and questions if you do!!!

I love you all, and hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!

Love Elder Mason Millar

First Picture: We had a funeral for an Elder who leaves on Tuesday this morning!!!

Second Picture: Conference with the whites streaming in English and making waffles.

Third Picture: We made brownie waffles!!! 

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