Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey all!!!

So this last week was an absolute joy!!! 

I got my new companion on Tuesday morning. His name is Elder Wolford, and he is from Pleasant Grove Utah. He is 18, and has been in the mission for 3 months because he had visa problems, and was in St. George. He is super excited to be in Mexico though!!!

So in the last week, I have truly had a humbling experience to truly see the difference that has occurred in my life! To see how far I have some in this year that I have been here in the mission. With not only my Spanish, but also with my patience, humility, willingness to learn from others, ability to love. I have truly just enjoyed the last week that I have had. I have learned that the Lord truly does know us, and that he hears and answers our prayers. He gave me a companion that is just perfect for me. 

So other than that we didn't do a whole lot this week. It was just getting him settled in, and getting him started. It was really fun though. We were up until like 11 every night just talking about everything. He is so awesome!!!

Other than that, we found out that we will be getting to go to the temple on the 10th of November. I am so excited!!!! 

I love you all, and can't wait to hear from you all next week!!!

Elder Mason Millar

Sorry I don't have any pictures with my comp yet. I will send them next week!

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