Monday, September 28, 2015


Wow, Never really imagined this week actually being here. So although I have a little less than a year left in the mission because of MTC timing, I will be completing my first year in the mission on Thursday!!!

Do you know what that means??? 
I finally get to open up the second half of the clothes that have been sitting in my suitcases for the last 12 months!!! Yeah, How exciting is that!!! 

Yeah, I know... not really, but as missionaries we have to look forward to the little things in life!!! Once again I will have shirts that are white, socks that don't have holes, and some new garments. Not a whole lot to be so excited about, but enough to make me excited!!! 

So sorry to all of you for not writing last week. 

But the last two weeks were not super eventful. Last week was the week of Mexico's independence, so we were locked inside of our apartments, because it was just a little too dangerous for us to be out on the streets. We ate a ton of Pozole, because in Mexico everyone always makes the same things. It is a soup made with gigantic corn, and then has chili's and all sorts of yummy stuff. It is very good!  

So that was pretty much what happened last week. It was pretty boring, I know. 

This last week was better, but was at the same time a very hard week. 

So, the lesson I learned this week is that we must work and be even stronger when we need the Spirit to be with us, because Satan is going to tempt us even more in those times. We must always search, and pray that we can have his companionship! He is our greatest, and most accessible help that we have in this life! 

As long as we are worthy, and search for his presence, the Lord will bless us with his company! 

I learned and received a much stronger testimony of this over this last week. 

I don't know how many of you were aware that two of our five dogs were put down this last week. (Yes, I know we have a lot of dogs!) It was something I knew that was going to happen while I was gone, but never had fully accepted it. So the last week was a week full of trying to keep my thoughts in the work, and feel the Spirit. The Lord wants us to do his will, and whenever we do, he greatly blesses us. 

I also found that when we are down the greatest thing to do is to focus on others. I knew that helping others through service was a way to help you be happier, but when you just focus on and worry about others, the joy that you receive is incredible! I found this as I was praying for the comfort of my family as they went through this hard time. I knew I wasn't there, but that the Holy Ghost could be, and knowing that was such a comforting feeling!!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and can work a little bit harder on having the Spirit be your constant companion. I will be working for it right along side of all of you!!

Love you all,
Elder Mason Millar

Sorry this computer wont let me add pictures. I will send them next week!!!

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