Friday, September 18, 2015


Buenas Días/Tardes/Noches (Depending on when you read this)

So this week was a really awesome week! 

So to start it out we had a wonderful zone meeting on Monday because it was the first Monday of the month. They talked about the importance of inviting to baptism, and putting baptismal dates. 

It was a very good meeting, and helped us a lot to have success in our area the last week!!! 

So on the other hand of not really working. We had the most incredible opportunity yesterday. 

So for the last 18 months here in Mexico City the temple had been closed. And finally yesterday was the Re dedication. It was so wonderful. My comp and I had the opportunity to assist all three dedications, and the Spirit was so strong in all three of them! The second one had my favorite talk by Elder Holland, but in the third session. The Spirit was so strong. It was just such a strengthening moment for my testimony. I never noticed how big of a difference the temple really made, but yesterday I just realized that it truly is such a blessing that we have! 

I as a missionary will only get the chance to go to the temple every other month. Yeah I know that is more than most, but I have made the goal to go to the temple once a week when I get home. I have truly learned the importance of the temple since I have had this...I guess you could call it Fast. It has been a hard thing, but I have also learned how important the temple is. I have felt that something has been missing for the last 11 months, and after being at the dedication yesterday I realized what it was! 

So, I know I have been giving you a lot of challenges, but that is the way in which we grow, Right? So here is the challenge. It is not a challenge for a week, nor for a month. It is a challenge to change a life long habit.

I invite all of you that can, to make a goal, and work at it. To go to the temple as often as you can. For some that might be a once a week thing, for others once a month. For others who are preparing for missions, I would encourage you to go as many times as you possibly can before you leave, because honestly it is something that I have greatly missed being able to do as a missionary. 

I promise you all, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that if you will "Sacrifice" your time, or money, or whatever you need to sacrifice, that the blessings that you will receive will bear testimony to you that the temple it The House of God, and that they are the most pure places on the face of the earth. The Lord will bless us when we sacrifice. And the more we sacrifice the more we will be blessed!!!

For those of you who can't go, or at the time are unable to. I invite you to get worthy of a temple recommend, or prepare for the day that you will be able to enter. It was honestly the greatest day of my life, and is a day that I will never forget! 

I love you all so so much, and hope you are all safe, and healthy!!

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Mason Millar 


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