Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hello everyone!!!

So hole wow was the last week an adventure!!! 

So you all knew that I was going to be closing my area, and receiving a new comp, But What I was not expecting was what happened. I became senior companion, and white washed again, but to come out the area was deader that Benjamin Franklin!!!

White washing is when two elders leave an area, and two new ones are put in. It was an  uneventful eventful week. 

So for the week. 

We had 20 lessons, after in my old area finishing with 41. We had 47 contacts, and spent hours on our feet walking street by street knocking the doors of members that we had on a list. This list is about 400 people long, but only about 85 people come to church every week. It is kind of crazy!!!

So When we got to the house it was absolutely disgusting!!! Like I am not kidding. We threw out probably like 2 full garbage cans (The big ones you put on the street) of garbage and old clothes, and who knows what else; people, the elders before us were just gross!!! We have gotten the house cleaned up a lot and are starting to get settled in. We were able to go today to the offices to get the things that we were missing in our house which was nice, but yeah. It is a journey. 

So other than that there is not much that has happened this week. I didn't have that chance to have super spiritual experiences this week. We are just trying to figure out what we are doing.  

So the coolest thing about this area is that we have a Walmart and Sams Club!!! Do you know what that means??? Food imported from America!!!!! I am so so so happy!!! 

But really, our area is awesome, and so full of potential!!! 

Sorry for the short and boring letter, but yeah, I don't have much to talk about!!!

Love you all!!!
Elder Mason Millar

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