Tuesday, July 21, 2015


So the last week was an absolutely incredible week!!! We totally killed it this week!!!

So to start out as a branch this week. (Or the four elders that are here) We had two wedding, five baptisms, and a whole bunch of success!!! It was awesome!! 

So a little bit about the people that got baptized. Their names are Maira, and Miguel. They were the two from our area that got baptized. 

We will start with Maira. She is 22, and a single mother. Her daughter is two years old, and she is super awesome!!! We found her one day trying to get a lesson with a less active member. When we first talked to her she told us that she was just a believer in God, and that was it. She didn't want to be part of any religion, and didn't want to talk to us. So we came back later to find her grandmother, and she sat in on the lesson that we taught, and was very intrigued. We taught her for almost two months, and she has grown so so much. The light that she has in her life is so crazy, and she made a lot of difficult, but needed changes to her life so she could get baptized. The last week before her baptism, she had a whole bunch of family problems come up, and we were scared that she was not going to be able to get baptized. She finally made the decision to move out of her house, and be out on her own. So we were house hunting for several days last week. In the end she is staying with her aunt, and will look for a place in the next couple of months. 

So a little about Miguel. He is about 27 years old, and has a child with a member. They were not married. So he was an old investigator that moved out of the area for work, but then came back about a month ago. So we started teaching him again, and he is really awesome!!! He about 2 years ago had problems with drugs, and alcohol. He was not a very good guy, but started to change his life, and then had a child with a member who lived down the street from him. So after almost two years of being together they finally got married on Friday. It was awesome!!! Then on Saturday he got baptized. Holy wow. He came out of the water, and had such a light in his eyes. He honestly looked like a completely different person. You couldn't notice the tattoos that he has, you could only see the joy that was in his eyes. It was so awesome!!! 

After the baptisms last week we got invited to the talent show of another ward because they wanted us to do a talent and because I am really friends with their ward!!! So for our talent we sang I am a Child of God and my comp played the guitar. It was really awesome. We did half in English and half in Spanish because my comp speaks English!!!

So that was what I did with my weekend. It was very wonderful, and full of the Spirit!!! 

I also found out last night some bad news. They will be closing my area, so both my comp and I have changes. I am very very sad because we just found a whole bunch of new people to teach. One that was going to be very cool, and a very very dedicated member to church. She is 15 and her name is Erandy. She is a Jehovah's Witness, and is very interested in the church. It is a little weird that she is listening to us. Because the JW are generally pretty apposed to us. They are in a way our competition here in the mission. They have lots of member missionaries that are always out knocking doors, but she accepted us, and is really liking it. She came to church yesterday, and has a whole bunch of really really awesome questions.  

But that is about all that is happening. Not a whole lot. But we are just working hard and learning a lot!!!!

I love you all, and am still alive!! 

Elder Mason Millar

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