Monday, July 13, 2015


Hey all,

So this last week was a pretty quiet, but busy week. We had an Elder come home from his mission in the branch so there was a lot of prep work in that. 

So Wednesday was a pretty good day. It was the day that Elder Paulino came home, and we had to sing in the Choir. It was really fun but took a lot of work. That night was also a very sad night. I was there with three other elders, and we all had to watch as his parents took off his name tags, and all four of us almost started to cry. Well two of us did cry. 

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. We found out that the new church building will be finished and dedicated next month, so we won't have to travel as far to get home, and we will get to be part of the dedication. We are going to sing again in a choir with the two wards that are going to be using this building when it is dedicated. 

So the story of Hard Work, Patience, and Love comes in yesterday. So we have this less active family that we have been working and visiting with for the last 4 months. There name is the Escoto Family, and they are a family of 5. Their father passed away about 2 years ago, and it was not long after that that they stopped coming to church. We have been working with them to help them to come back, but they never really wanted to. They always had things that they had to do, and excuses for why they couldn't come. We met with them on Friday, and they said that they were going to send their daughter. Roseli who is 12, and that she was going to go with the daughter of the Branch President. But then Sunday morning we received a text about 2 hours before church asking if we could go with them. After 4 months of love, we finally got them to come to church!!!! It was so wonderful to see them there, and watch them renew their covenants that they have been without renewing for 2 years!!! They were so happy, and the Spirit with them was so strong!!!!

So this is the story for the week. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and in his own time!! We are only here to love and be friends with everyone. It does not matter their beliefs, age, or knowledge. We are just to love. 

That is my invitation for all of you this week. That you can just love!!! 

Have a good week, Love you all,
Elder Mason Millar

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