Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Hey all, 

So I know it is two days late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!! 

I can honestly say that I have become so patriotic after being out of my country for 9 months. I was not very patriotic before I left, but I can say that the 4th was a very hard day for all of the elders from the states. We were all feeling a little homesick thinking about all of the things that were being done back at home, But then we went out and worked, and kind of forgot about it. 

So for the last week, There was not much that we did other than preparing for the baptism that we had on Saturday. It was really a good week. 

On Tuesday we finally got into contact with Daniela's mom, and actually started teaching her. She s really really cool. Her name is Sara, and she is from northern Mexico. She has straight teeth too!!! So after our first lesson with her she look at us when we asked her to pray and said that she would, but didn't need to because she already felt, and said it was true. The only problem will be getting her to church because she works on Sundays. 

But we were able to get her to give permission for her daughter to get baptized, and that was good! So after that we spent the majority of the week preparing things for the baptism. Getting her interviews with the zone leaders, and scheduling with the other elders that were baptizing that day. We actually had a baptism with two other companionship and three people got baptized. It was a very good service, and the spirit was really strong. 

Daniela had been waiting for almost 6 months for her baptism, and it was really a sweet thing to see her get the opportunity to do it. She is 9, and is such a sweet little girl. She is the youngest of two children, but lives with just her mom here in D.F. (Distrito Federal) She doesn't have much, but loves going to church, and spending time with the Marques family who are recent converts. 

So those are the events that really happened this week. Not much has happened down here. 

Love you all so so much!!!
Elder Mason Millar

So the photos. 

First photo were kids that came up to us in the street today and just asked us if we could take a picture with them. It was really funny!!!

Second picture, We all went and got our shoes polished together!!!

Third picture, All the americans that had america ties on the 4th!

Fourth, baptism with Daniela and the familia Marques!

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