Sunday, December 7, 2014


Hola todos,

Wow, So I can't even believe that I have been gone for two months. How is that even possible? 

So we will start off with the big news for the week. I had my first transfer. I was transferred on Saturday to the area of La Paz. It is increadible!!! It is like a completely different country. 

So many of you are probably wondering why I was transferred. So last week on Tuesday I was at the mission offices with all of the other non-native elders to go to immigration. After we got back President came and asked me how I was doing, and then asked me to come into his office after I responded with ´´fine´´. He is a truly inspired man. After talking to him about what my trainer was not doing he asked to speak with both of us. He asked us to do a couple different things, and then said he would call in a few days to see how things were going. 

So on Friday, he called me and asked how everything was going so I told him. Later that day we received a call from the Zone Leaders telling us that we were going to be having changes and that I was going to be leaving. So that night I had to go and pack my bags and left the lext day. 

So my new trainer is probably one of the most increadible missionaries in the mission .So about my new trainer, His name is Elder Robertson, and he is from Las Vegas. He has been out for 10 months, and absolutely loves to work. He is very very kind and is one of the most increadible missionaries in the mission. About 6 months ago, he was electrocuted by 23,000 volts. That ammount of electricity should have killed him, but all that happened was he got third degree burns on his hands and when he fell he busted his hand open. He was in the hospital for 5 days and was not able to work for 3 weeks after because he had to let the skin on his hands grow back after the plastic sugery. He had more of a reason than anyone of the entire mission to go home, and he felt that he needed and could stay out. He is out here for the right reason!!!

I have not been happier on my mission than I have been for the last 2 days with Elder Robertson. He is truly an answer to my prayers, and I feel like I am going to be able to learn so so much from him. We do not share a house with any other missionaries, but they live in the same building. Their names are Elder Sorenson from California, and Elder Escalante from El Salvador. They are awesome missionaries, and Elder Escalente got into the mission the same day as me and is also in training. 

So other than that there is not much more that went on this week, other than the fact that in our church building we have a real piano, and I am playing in the Mission talent show at the mission Christmas party. 

I love you all, and Love hearing from all of you!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Mason Millar

So this is my new companion, and just a part in my mission. The whole area doesn´t look like this. Just a small part in the mountain. It is the coolest thing, because it feels like I am walking through a video game!!!!

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