Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Vaca Santo,

Where has the last month gone? There has been so much that has gone on it just seems like a bit blur!!!! 

So this last week has been a good and crazy week. I love my new area, and love my new trainer!!! (Most of the time) He is an increadible missionary, and knows exactly why he is here. He likes to push buttons though. That is for sure!!! He is a great guy though!!!! 

So this last week was very eventful. We had 35 lessons this week, and contacted like a bazillion people. I am not very good at it. As most of you know I talk to lots of people, but I don't like to preach, so it is a little bit of a stretch of my comfort zone. 

Also this week we had a pet dog for a night. She was what looked to be a golden retriever, and we named her Sage. She came up to us one night freezing and hungry, so we bought some food and gave her a warm place to sleep. (I will attach a picture or her)

We also had a pretty crazy lesson last night. We were knocking doors and came across this pastor and his wife, and they invited us in. It was a wonderful lesson, but I didn't understand anything, because it was mostly deeper doctrine. But at the end of the lesson he asked if he could give us a blessing, and he put his hands on our shoulders and asked God to convert us to his religion, or make it known to him that the Book of Mormon is true. If he actually reads the Book of Mormon, then man he is going to be strong in the church, But we will see. We have another appt on Thursday 

So later tonight I am going to a sister's house who is a chiropractor to have her fix my ankle from the MTC when I rolled it. She looked at it the other day and said that it is out of alignment and if it is not put back I will end up tearing my tendon. So that will be nice to have my ankle feeling and looking better. 

The spanish is coming along great for all that are wondering. Everyone I talk to says that I am way ahead of where they were when they were llearning so that is good. I just don't talk much, because I haven't had the opportunity to get to know and open up to the investigators and members yet. But it is progressing, and the Lord is helping me to learn it quickly. 

Other that that, all is well, and the work down here is crazy!!! It is Hot as all get out during the day, and Cold as ice during the night. Dressing for the day is really difficult!!! 

I miss all of you, and love you all so much!!!

You are in my prayers,

Con Amor,
Elder Mason Millar

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