Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11-17-2014 First Letter From Mexico City!

Hola Todos de mis amigos,l

So, Mexico is probably the craziest place that I have ever been in my entire life. The people are soo nice and willing to help with everything from learning Spanish to buying us some pan de dulce. I love the people. Even though I can't understand what they are saying most of the time. 
I am to the point that I can pick out words and somewhat figure out what they are trying to say to me, but I am still unable to respond. 

I can't believe how blessed I have been in my life. The people are so happy here and seem to have so little. It has definitely been an eye opening week, and I am not even in the poorest area in the mission. 

At the moment I am living in Texcoco. This area covers about 3/4 of the entire mission and is covered by only 8 elders. We take a lot of buses and combi's. Combi's are these vans that have all of the seats taken out of them and just have benches around the end. I feel like I am going to die every time that I have to get into one. The driving here is absolutely insane, but surprisingly there are not many accidents. Just a lot of honking and yelling at all hours of the day and night!!! 
Other than the driving, Texcoco is a very safe place and our house probably couldn't be any safer. We live above a gated kindergarten that has video cameras and everything. I am very safe! 

So My companion is a local, he speaks half decent english,so we are able to communicate most of the time. But him being a local is forcing me into the culture even faster. It is somewhat of a sensory overload. People here have no sense of a schedule. Everything is always late and I don't think we have yet to be to an appointment on time yet. It is kind of hard to adjust to not having a schedule.

I have had my first tacos. They didn't sit very well with me, but I figured that they would take getting used to. I have yet to eat anything really crazy. The craziest thing I have probably eaten was the chicken that I had yesterday night. It was killed several hours before we ate it. That was kind of weird. The food is different, but is good. I do miss the MTC food though. It was a little nicer to my body. Same with the bed. The bed that I am sleeping on has like zero pad left on it so I am pretty much sleeping on springs. Take advantage and realize how nice the beds at the MTC are while you are still there, because you can only get a new mattress if it gets infested by bugs or the springs start to break through the fabric. 

The language seems to be coming very fast and my companion said that I am learning it too fast. Is that possible? Who knows, but I know that the Lord is on my side and is helping me every single day!!! 

I hope to hear from all of you soon,

Con Amor,
Elder Mason Millar

Sorry for the spelling, all of the computers are in spanish and there is no spell check for english.

Elder Millar's first picture from Mexico.  His companion and fellow missionaries

The wall painting outside of their apartment

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