Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hola Ustedes,

So my first week in the CCM has been quite eventful. 

The first day was probably the craziest 9 hours of my life. So I show up and am immediately introduced to my host and hug goodbye and walk toward the main building. In the main building I am directed to a room where I received my name badge and some miscellaneous items. I am then taken to another building (the bookstore) and am given like 4000 pounds of books in this bag that I am supposed to carry around. After i get my books I go and drop off my luggage in my and am immediately taken to my class. 

As soon as I get into the class my teacher (Who I know know as hermanna C.) Looks at me and starts speaking Spanish to me! What am I supposed to do, I had no idea. the other guys just looked at me and said follow her. So I was guided to a computer to watch some orientation video. I then return to class and we begin our first lesson. I had no idea what she was saying almost the entire time! 

After class my district is led to a big auditorium and we have our welcoming devotional. After the devotional is over we have dinner. (If you can call it food) And then we go back to our rooms and begin to unpack. At about 5:30 we meet in rooms with the other newbies and are supposed to have our first "lesson" with an investigator as a big group.

After we are finished with these lessons we went to meet our Branch President, President D. and his wife. They are so nice! Sister D. reminds me a lot of Mom. She just doesn't seem to care about what others think! 

The rest of the week has been good. Conference was absolutely amazing and I loved every minute of it, other than the fact that the chairs were so uncomfortable. My Favorite talk was by Elder Carlos A. Godoy. He spoke on the process of making good decisions. 

My companion is Elder J., from Murray/Taylorsville. He literally lives like 2 miles away from where I do/did live. He is so much fun and we seem to get along fairly well. He kind of reminds me of Andrew. Very similar attitudes and views on life. It is starting to drive me nuts having to be with someone 24/7. I look forward everyday to the time I have for personal study because it gives me an opportunity to focus on myself and just to clear my head. 

So that is about all for my first week of the mission. Looking back it went by so fast, but seemed so slow all at the same time. 

Love you all, and I am Absolutely loving serving the Lord!!!

Con Mas Amor,
Elder Mason Millar

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