Friday, October 17, 2014


Hola Amigos,

So this last week has gone by so fast. I can't believe how easy it is to get lost in the work! 

The last week was a very eventful week full of uplifting events that greatly increased my testimony. 

The major thing that happened in the last week was the trip that I made to the Mexican Consulate. This was on Saturday for most of the day. It started out as a normal day with going to the class in the morning and then getting on a shuttle over to the Front Runner. The looks that people give you when there are 37 missionaries all together riding the front runner are quite funny. 

After getting off of the Front Runner this is where it started to get very weird and didn't feel real. The Trax station that we transferred at was the Murray Central station off of Vine St. and 5200 South across from the hospital. The same Trax station that I got off everyday after school for 3 years. We then as a group got onto the trax and rode it down to 1300 South where the Mexican Consulate is. We went and got our visa information finished so that we can get our visas on time. 

On the way back walking back to Trax we were followed and scolded by a lady who didn't have many nice things to say about the church. After this event I didn't think that the day was going to go very well. But it was a good thing the Lord was there to prove me wrong. 

After my temporary companion and I got onto the train we sat and met a special needs man named Glen. He was so wonderful to talk to. He was so valiant about following the spirit and following the teachings of the prophets. We rode with him until we got back to the Murray station. 

When we got the the station we found out that we had 50 minutes until the Front Runner was supposed to come, so a group of us walked over to Costco and got some lunch. Ya, can I even tell you how weird it was to eat lunch at the store that I was raised going to. It was super weird and the whole time I was worried I was going to run into my family or someone that I knew. 

After we were done with lunch we got onto the train and made our way back to the MTC. While we were on the train one of the other elders stood up and asked any of us if we had a Book of Mormon. I was the only elder that had one to give away. After we got off the train we returned to the MTC and had normal saturday night activities. 

This is where the testimony builder comes in. I was the only missionary that brought a paperback Book of Mormon with me on the train. Earlier that morning I had put the paperback Book of Mormon into my bag because I had a feeling that I was going to need it. The Lord works in mysterious ways and it can be so easily missed. We need to constantly be looking for and be worthy to hear and feel what the Lord needs us to hear and do. It is by small and simple actions that the Lord brings to pass great and marvelous works. 

 The rest of the week was normal other that the visit that my companion and I had to make to the dentist on Monday. He had a filling fall out and had decay into the pulp of his tooth and had to have an endodontic treatment. I sat in the dentist office for three and a half hours with nothing to do but read and look at the ceiling. But, while I was there there was a young Mexican family that came in with four little kids and I successfully had a conversation with a four year old that knew more spanish than I do. That was humbling!

Hope all is well with everyone back home. Hope to hear from you all soon and thank you for all of the support. 

And Thanks to the Beene family for the treats, I don't know how else to thank you other than through this email. 

Love you all so much!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Mason Millar

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