Sunday, October 5, 2014

First Letter Home

October 2, 2014

Hello Family,

How is everyone doing?  I have been good! I still have absolutely no clue what is going on. It is all kind of a blur!!!

So my first day. I got out of the care and was immediately taken away. Didn't know where I was going or what the heck I was doing. I walked into this building (that is now know as M1) and received a yellow envelope. Then talked to some lady who put my missionary tag on and sent me off aginag. Then I met back up with the Edler that had my bags and walked to another building (now known as the book store or M2) and was given this monstrosity of a plastic bag.  This thing had to weigh like 10 lbs. no joke! After this I walked over to my dorm (or home for 6 weeks) and bring my stuff inside.

I then grab my monster bag and was guided to my classroom.  This is in building M8. I walked into my class an then this lady started talking to me really fast in Spanish.  I just kind of stared and followed here because the other guys said to.  I went and took my orientation test/video and returned to class. She then continued to talk Spanish to us although we barely could figure out what she was saying. It was nuts.

Then we went to our orientation meeting/assembly. It was pretty boring, but whatever.  After this we went to dinner. Dinner was some fried chicken and mashed potato something and then had a small bowl of BYU ice cream. (Just one plate, water, and a bowl of ice cream, Mom)

After dinner we came and unpacked a little and then had to go and meet our Branch President and his wife.  She is way funny. She talked about doing something and then having to drink herself to death. Reminded me of something Mom would say.

After we were done then we came home and met the rest of our district. they are crazy!

So mi companero, he is supper magnifico! His name is Elder Johnson and he went to Murray.  he actually just lives on the other side of the river like 2 miles from our house. Crazy right!  Well he is super chill.  He and one of my other roommates will be going to Mexico Southeast, while the other is going to California.

So that concludes the first day.  It was very eventful.

Today has also been very eventful.  took a shower with a broken shower head and then didn't think about washing my shirts before I came, so all of my collars are super stiff and are driving me nuts.

I found out today that I have to give my first lesson in Spanish tomorrow.  It has to be 20-25 minutes long.  I am going to die!!!  I was really surprised today though, we had class today for like 3 and a half hours and I was able to understand almost everything he was saying by the end of class. It feels pretty awesome!

I need to wrap things up here, I have to get to dinner.  I will send another letter the beginning of next week.

Love you all so much and can't wait to get to Mexico! Let me know how everything is going and I want you to know that I ma where I am suppose to be!

Com mucho amor,  Elder Mason Millar

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