Saturday, June 13, 2015


Hello All,

So I apologize for not being able to write last week, but I was running a little crazy, and only had about 30 minutes on the computer. 

So this will be a good letter. 

So starting with last week. It was an awesome week. We found 7 new people to teach, and to put it into perspective, we found like 9 the last cycle. (a 6 week period) So that was pretty awesome!!! 

So one of the families that we found is called the Family Perez Delgado. And they are pretty cool. We met them the week before contacting their door, and then put a cita for the next week. When we went to teach then, they had their daughter sit in with her kid. We taught the restoration, and they seemed really interested. The dad reminded me of all of my old man friends back at home, because he just really liked to talk, and after everything that we had to say he had to talk for about 5 minutes! 

Later in the week we were with a recent convert family, and we were teaching out of "For the Strength for Youth" and they wanted to learn about music. To put into perspective the two sisters we are teaching are really into rock music, and it was kind of a shock for them. So we made a pact with them. If they only listened to music that we gave them for a week, and if they didn't keep it, they had to take out their nose rings and stop swearing! So it was pretty awesome. We wrote up a whole contract, and signed it and everything! 

We then went to central on Monday to pick up my comps camera, and then we went to Carls Jr. for an Elder's birthday. After this I bought two dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and we came home to our meeting. In the night we went over to a members house, and ate cake for the same Elder's Birthday party, and I smashed his face so so good into the cake. (That is what you do down here on birthdays.) It was awesome!!!

So for this week, It was awesome!!! 

We found 7 new investigators again, and got into teach some less actives. 

One of the new ones is super awesome!!! Her name is Elena, and when we first contacted her she was like, "I am a christian, and don't want anything to do with you" she then asked us some questions, and we answered them with the bible, and she took us a little more serious. We then went back twice, and on the second time she had time, and we were able to teach her. She has 4 children. (two that live with her) One of them is a little 6 year old boy named Alexander who is disabled, and super sweet! She seemed really interested in what we have to say, and we actually ran into her in the street today, and she asked if we were still coming on Wednesday! 

That was probably the coolest story that I have for the week, and I hope this letter suffices your wants! 

Love you all, and be safe!!

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Mason Millar 

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