Wednesday, August 17, 2016



I chatted with Mason via email for a few minutes today.  He is doing well and working hard for the last few weeks of his mission.

He likes his companion and they are preparing several people for baptism with the hopes that some of the will be scheduled for the Saturday that Quinci and I are in Mexico with Elder Millar.

Quinci and I will be going down to pick him up on September 14th and will be returning home with him the next Monday, September 19th.

Elder Mason Millar will be speaking in church on Sunday September 25th at 9am at the Murray North Stake Center located at 5200 S Glendon St (700 W), Murray, Utah 84123.

All that would like to attend are welcome and we would love to see you at our home following the meeting to visit with Mason.

Thanks for all your love and support for these 2 years.

Mason's Dad, BJ

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