Friday, May 20, 2016


Hey Everyone!!!

So all is good, I am alive, and breathing!!! 

So Not a lot has been happening in the mission. As of almost two weeks ago I got moved out here to Texcoco 2 again, and I am just loving it!!! 
Life is great, and it is so nice to be here and actually be able to talk and communicate with everyone!!! I am with Elder Muir, He is from Heber, Utah, and will be finishing his mission in 7 weeks. (He hasn't gone a day without reminding me!!!) He is a great Elder. We met in the mission almost a year ago when I was in Campestre. He was one of the other two elders there, and we were in the area together for 3 months!!! 

So this last week was pretty great!! The work out here in Texcoco is just a little different from in the rest of the mission. Out here we have an area that is bigger that 85% of the mission combined!!! So we spend lots of time (and money) on buses, and Combi's. So for that we don't have much time to work. But regardless of that we are having lots uf fun and lots of success. 
At the moment we are teaching 9 people, and have plans this next week to find another family of like 5 people. (Fingers Crossed!!!) 

So today we went to central. We changed out P-day so that we could go to the anthropology museum. Here in mexico everything government is closed on Monday so we are never able to go and see them!!! 

So today we went there, and then went and ate and Olive Garden. It was really good. But when we asked for the tab the waiter came over and told us that a lady a few tables over wanted to cover our tab. There were four of us, and we were so grateful, That is something that you just don't get being outside of Utah as a missionary.  We then went and talked to here. She is not a member of the church, but knows who we are, and said that she is on her path. It was a really cool experience!!! 

So that is all for today!!! Love you all, and have a great week!!!

Elder Mason Millar 

Libre de virus.

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